/24 and /23 RIPE IPv4 for Lease

We are a RIPE LIR and currently have IPv4 subnets available for leasing.


1. The IPs can be announced on your own servers/data center: we send you a LOA free of charge so that you can announce the subnet if you pick this option.

2. We can include a free 1 GB of RAM, 25 GB SSD server with the IPs on our own AS (i.e you can setup a GRE tunnel if preferred): you receive root access.

Not allowed: Spamming, email marketing, bulk email, DDoS or any other unlawful/abusive activity.

Country/Geolocation: Virginia, US. The geolocation can be adjusted: pay only after the subnet resolves to the correct location


/24: 95.00 USD per month – no setup fees.

/23: 180.00 USD per month – no setup fees.

Terms: We sign a month-to-month IPv4 lease agreement before assigning the IPv4 addresses. No long-term commitment is necessary.

Included: RIPE database changes for rDNS/organization details setup/adding your own maintainer by request and is provided free of charge.

Payment methods: PayPal, CC, SEPA/ACH bank transfer.

For inquiries, please email me at gmounir@giovannimounir.net

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