Anonymous Browsing – What You Need to Know About Hiding Your IP

IP hiding methods are gaining in popularity for many internet users. Because of the increasing reports of identity theft and stolen credit cards from websites, users are now more careful in their internet transactions. Different IP hiding methods are used to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft.

The methods used to hide your IP address is actually based on the fact that these tools provide different information to the visited site. Most, if not all, websites allow access to their content only if the user’s IP address is provided. The real user’s data is hidden and different information is provided so that visitors will be given access without revealing anything.

Those who want to hide their real data online can choose from the following options:

Proxy Server

Advantage – this service is offered as a website which is very easy to configure. More often than not, users simply enter the site they want to visit and they will be immediately taken their preferred site. Best of all this option is free.

Disadvantage – unfortunately, free proxy servers are limited in their services. Users can’t access videos and secured websites (sites that start with https://). This method is also noted for advertising in their websites which slows down access.

IP Hiding Software

Advantage – this method is fast and can be used in any form of site. It’s not intrusive since it will be installed in the computer which means anyone can securely surf online without visiting any special website.

Disadvantage – this type of application is only free to try. After the trial period, the application will ask for a fee in order to continue secured browsing.

Proxy servers are recommended for those who use the internet to casually surf online. On the other hand, the latter option is a must to heavy internet use and those who use the internet for financial transactions.

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Source by Sam J Smith

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