[Asia / Singapore] 9.9 Sales – Dedicated Server 200Mbps connection from $99.50/mth

Great Sales! Reliable and Affordable Dedicated Server!

Ready Server Pte Ltd (Reg. 201500017K)

– Incorporated in Singapore in the year 2015.

– Validated by Dun And Bradstreet (DUNS number: 659230452)

– Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting Provider.

– AS63930 BGP4 Network (APNIC Member, own IPv4 / IPv6 address space)

– Offer competitive pricing in Singapore.

– Extremely Affordable Competitive Price

– Instant Server Immediate Available (No Waiting Time)

– Physically located in Singapore.

– Self-service OS installation or OS reload.

– Self-service OS installation via IPKVM / IPMI access via secure VPN.

Dedicated Server SALES! Limited Unit Only!

200Mbps Bandwidth Server – only $99.50/month

E3-1230V6, 16GB, 1X1TB HDD. Order Now

200Mbps Bandwidth SSD Server – only $99.50/month

E3-1230V6, 16GB, 1x 250GB SSD. Order Now

200Mbps Bandwidth Storage Server – only $109.50/month.

E3-1230V6, 16GB, 1 x 2TB SATA. Order Now

Core i3 – only $55.30/month.

Core i3-4130, 4GB, 1X1TB HDD. Order Now

Basic I – only $49.50/month.

E3-1230V3, 8GB, 1X1TB HDD. Order Now

Advanced – from $99.00/month.

E3-1230V3, 8GB, 2X1TB HDD. Order Now

Memory – from $107.40/month.

E3-1230V3, 32GB, 2X1TB HDD. Order Now

Storage – from $83.40/month.

E3-1230V3, 8GB, 2X3TB HDD. Order Now

SSD Basic – from $85.00/month.

E3-1230V3, 8GB, 1X250GB SSD. Order Now

SSD Memory – only $169.00/month.

E3-1230V3, 32GB, 1X1TB SSD. Order Now

Premium China Direct Server – only $161.40/month.

E3-1230V3, 8GB, 1X1TB HDD. Order Now

China Direct Network Test

For more dedicated server plans, please visit https://portal.readyserversg.com/cart.php

For more information:

Email: sales[@]readyserver.sg

Website: www.readyserver.sg

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