Discover How Savvy Work at Home Moms Earn an Income From Home

The obvious answer is by working. However, it is more expensive to leave your home and go to work these days. Between the costs of work clothes, gas, lunches, day care, and car maintenance you are only left with just small change as a pay check. According to the National Child Care Agency, the average cost of day care per child is $200 per week. So if you are working 40 hours per week at $10 per hour, you really end up making $2.50 per hour. That’s an amazing $7.50 per hour taken away from you for day care alone. I won’t scare you with the average gas usage per week, but I’m sure you are fully aware how it affects your weekly budget.

So, How Do Savvy Work from Home Moms Earn a Respectable Income from Home?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Ever thought about a home business? Well why not join the ranks of telecommuters by changing that spare room into a home office. Becoming a self employed mom is easier than you think. Some companies now allow employees to telecommute from home a few times a week. But wouldn’t be savvier to work completely from home, make your own hours, and be the owner of your own time? Home-based business opportunities are numerous. You could become a virtual assistant, a tutor, provide services out of your own home, or even do something more innovative like teaching baby sign language. You get to choose your own destiny! Not only will you be in business of being a mom; you will be a mom in business. Becoming a CEO mom is fun, exciting, challenging, and frightening all at the same time.

How Can Work from Home Moms Know What Is Legitimate and What Is a Scam?

Many work from home opportunities are legitimate, but don’t have the support necessary for home workers to succeed. Some are downright scams. How do you protect yourself from falling victim to unscrupulous crooks? First, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Given today’s technology, there is real money to be made in home enterprises; however, the odds are highly against pulling in a six-figure income by working only two hours per week. Second, websites like Work at Home Enterprising do an excellent job of vetting home-based businesses. Third, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been lodged against the business. These steps will ensure that you have a legitimate opportunity to earn an income from home.

Although you may have many fears in building a home enterprise, Career Kits are available to give you proper guidance on how to start and operate your business. You can finally gain your financial freedom all from the comfort of your own home! Statistics with the Department of Labour show that more and more people are choosing a life of employment liberation. When you become self-employed you feel a sense of financial security. There are no worries of company mergers or a younger person replacing you. Never again would you feel guilty for leaving your sick child for someone else to care for.

How Could You Lose Working from Home?

Working in the comfort of your own home, saving money while making money, and spending that quality time with your family that is so needed in children today. Having a job from home also teaches your children how to be hard working and responsible through the fine example of your home office. Plus, as a work at home mom you are more likely to be able to monitor your child’s activities outside of school. According to the National Crime and Victims Bureau, there is a higher rate of juvenile delinquency in latch key children. Latch key children being the term used for children raised in day care centres. These children grow up feeling neglected and never get to know the true concept of good family values. They have difficulty understanding your values and morals and distinguishing right from wrong. This leaves them easy prey for criminals and unscrupulous people. Luckily, your supervision and guidance can keep your kids safe.

With a little help, you can establish a home business and be there to teach and inspire your children. Being successful at self-employment also gives you a personal sense of accomplishment. Take the challenge and reap the rewards and benefits that you and your family deserve. You can reach the dream that so many others desire! If you close your eyes I bet you can smell your fresh cup of coffee, made just like you like it. Feel the warmth of your soft flannel pyjamas and slippers instead of pantyhose and heels. All of this while working from home and earning money for your household. Start your life as a savvy entrepreneur and join the ranks of the self-employed today!

Source by Cesar Campos

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