How To Do Marketing On A Website By SEO?

In this article we are going to talk about doing SEO for your website. Especially we will talk about how to optimize your website and getting links from other website using free methods. First we are going to talk about two important elements that you need to pay attention to when you optimize your website. Second we will talk about getting links from other website using two popular and free methods. Finally, we are going to talk about the key points when you write article for SEO purpose.

On Page Search Engine Optimization

If you want to optimize your website, first you need to find out what words your target customers are used to do search on. We call this targeted keyword phrases. If your page does not have that relevant keyword phrase, it is difficult for people to find you out. This is the same for all search engines, not just for Google. When you have those keywords available, you need to include it in your webpage title and content so as to allow people to find you.

Apart from choosing correct keywords, there are some pages that are expected from search engine. For example, one of those pages is “about us” page, which allows visitors to know who you are. If you are selling product or service, it is also important include a terms of service or privacy page. By doing so you are giving visitors some confidence to your website.

Off Page SEO By Getting Links

You can use social bookmarking and article publishing to get links. The best part is that these two promotional methods are completely free.

Social bookmarking service can help a user to save different websites online. And also those saved bookmarks can be shared to public. In other words, those bookmarking websites will have a link to your website if a user bookmarks your web page. So that when someone is looking for information, they will find your website immediately.

Another promotional method is article writing. This is perhaps the most used way by other people who have limited or no budget for advertising. Those articles are written and optimized for particular keywords. And when you publish your article to an article publishing site, you will be able to get links from those article site to your website. Therefore when people are looking for information, again they can find you through your published article.

Important Points About Writing SEO content

While a lot of people are publishing article on the web to get traffic, not so many people are doing it correctly. Here are some points that you need to pay attention to when you are writing and publishing article.

First, you need to do your keyword research carefully. You cannot just start writing without knowing the keywords you want to target on. There are some free and paid software and web service that can do that for you. You can always get started by using Google Keyword tool. It is free and it is official keyword software coming from search engine giant, Google.

However, targeting main keyword is not enough for your article writing. You will need to find out the “long tail” keywords, which are keywords that are similar to your main keywords. It is because main keywords are sometimes competitive and hard to get in to the first page. Therefore you need other keyword variations to avoid keen competition.

Finally, when you finish your article, you can try to get response from reader by asking question at the end of your article. While creating SEO article content is OK, you can encourage your readers to interact with you, and find out more about them also. By doing so you will be able to understand more about your targeted market.

Source by Ellery Leung

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