How To Get A Blog RSS Feed

Are you wondering how to get a blog rss feed? A lot of people are stuck on how to get an rss feed but you should know that it’s a fairly simple process to go and get one. The first thing that you will need is a blog or a website. You can use WordPress or to host your blog or your website.

I can tell you right now that the easiest way to get an rss feed is with Blogger integrates seamlessly with something called This is a website that you can use to get a blog rss feed simply and easily. You don’t have to know any HTML coding or any scripting whatsoever.

Feedburner is really simple and easy to use. It provides clear, step by step instructions you need to know to have success with setting up your blog rss feed. Even if you are a complete novice (which I assume), you can get a blog rss feed in no time at all. Be sure to start using it today.

Once you have your blog rss feed, you will want to promote it. There are tons of rss directories out there that you can submit your feed to. You will want to do this because people visit these directories everyday to find new content for their website. Hopefully if someone sees your feed there, they will list it on their website.

When you post your feed into the rss directories, publishers will come and pick up your content to use on their website. This is much like the popular strategy of article marketing. As you may already know, with article marketing, when you submit your articles to the popular article directories, you will get traffic in a variety of ways.

The first way you get traffic is when people do a search and your article pops up in the search engines. If you do your keyword optimization correctly, your articles will appear high in the search engines. The next way you get traffic is when publishers publish your article onto their website. If they deem your content to be worthwhile, they will put your content on their site and will give you credit for it by keeping intact your author bio.

Rss marketing works much in the same way. And if you’re using a blog, getting your blog rss feed across the net is very simple and easy to do. As I mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to get your blog rss feed found is by submitting them to the popular rss directories. Do a search on Google for rss directories and watch what comes up.

Getting a blog rss feed is simple to do. But just because you get one, it doesn’t mean that you will have automatic success in your internet business. You have to do the proper marketing necessary to get your blog found and to get people to subscribe to your feed. Lead people to your blog and encourage visitors to sign up for updates when you make new blog posts. This is a great way to market your blog and to get recurring visitors.

Now as you can see, getting a blog feed is really simple and easy to do. Get started today marketing your blog and your feed now to increase your sales and profits.

Good luck with creating your blog rss feed.

Source by Adrian Hargray

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