MDDHosting reseller review | Web Hosting Talk

MDDHosting reseller review | Web Hosting Talk

Based on my experience over the years, high-quality service does not come as “a default” to put it that way, so I’m taking the time to write what generally can be considered to be a (well-deserved) praise.

Long, boring intro:

After HostMantis changed ownership, I decided to move ASAP (at least until I see where the service quality “lands”).

And, I wanted to find a provider with good 24/7 support to avoid any tricky questions from clients in case of any problems.

I liked the “flexible” resource limits provided by the HostMantis reseller hosting.

It’s not the best option for literally re-selling hosting, but a great option for developers and similar (so a perfect match for me, since I manage all the websites I host).

And I saw MDDHosting offering just that. Had them on my shortlist for quite some time, so decided to give it a shot, before (instead of) Veerotech (who’ve been very good while I was with them – another great provider).

The essence:

Relatively affordable price ($10 per month) – especially considering the service quality.

Very good stability and security, as far as I could test over the past few months.

The best technical support I’ve experienced. Willing to dive into WordPress-related problems even when they clearly have nothing to do with the hosting server/software. Very fast responses – with solutions, not “thanks for letting us know, we’ll get back to you…”

OK performance – not what I’d call slow, but not among the fastest I’ve seen. I really wish they offered the performance of their Plaid shared hosting platform – I’d be happy to pay 3x the price and call it a day as far as hosting is concerned. But it’s also nice to see them offering a (relatively) budget option (just wished they offered a more high-end reseller alternative along with that).

My overall impression is they try really hard to provide the best possible service, and they seem quite knowledgeable, experienced and trustworthy. It’s nice doing business with such folks.


I’ve heard very good things about MDDHosting. I’ve heard a lot of praises for the quality of their support. However, I didn’t believe it was that good until I tried it – just as I expect anyone reading this will probably take it with a grain of salt (as one should, with most stuff online ). All I can say is: based on my experience, MDDHosting could easily market their reseller (and shared – gave that a brief test too) hosting as “Proper Managed WordPress hosting” – and they wouldn’t be lying. It is a high-quality provider, with good hardware, and excellent technical support.

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