Nginx with Ipv6, Modsecurity 3, cloudlinux alt-php-fpm , User php.ini all in Cpanel

The new Cpnginx version 11 with all the new features you expected. This will give your server the maximum performance out of the box

What is new in Cpnginx 11 ?

Ipv6 Support

Cpnginx run your websites with ipv6 . So your get more visitors from ipv6 network.

CloudLinux Support

Cpnginx 11 now fully support Cloudlinux Operating system. This has been completely integrated to cloudlinux alt-php package

CloudLinux Alt-PHP FPM Support

Cpnginx 11 is the first software that provide Alt-PHP-fpm in cpanel servers. Even Cpanel doesn’t provide this option and we bring this feature to the cpanel

Auto PHP-FPM Build

Now cpnginx support auto build of php-fpms available in your cpanel. So whenever you need a new php version, simply add it from the cpanel easyapache4 page on the whm. There is no need to add it to any of the configurations

ModSecuriy 3

Cpnginx now provide ModSecurity 3 as a module. You can install the modsecurity module during the nginx build time. This module will be enabled by default

ModSecurity Vendor Rules

Cpnginx command line have a new feature to install ModSecurity Vendor rules from thirdparty vendors. We now support OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set out of the box. Installation or removal or rules are now easy

WHM Mod Security Settings

You can enable or disable Cpnginx modsecurity from WHM -> Cpnginx Plugin page -> Preferences -> Settings

ModSecurity For users in WHM

You can enable or disable Modsecurity rules for a cpanel domain from WHM -> Cpnginx Plugin page -> Module -> ModSecurity (Open Source Web Application Firewall)

ModSecurty Option in Cpanel

Your Cpanel users can enable or disable the the modsecurity feature from the cpanel interface of Cpnginx

Vhost templates / App Templates

The Cpnginx vhost templates has been upgraded to version 3.0 . If you are using any custom templates based on old version ,we recommend to upgrade it.

Privacy Protected Directories

Now Cpnginx directly support .htacess privacy protected directories . This has been integrated with the cpanel API.

Global PHP.INI Setting for FPM

You can now control php.ini variable of PHP-FPM users from WHM -> Cpnginx -> Preferences -> PHP-FPM INI Settings . This gives the option to enhance and control your servers php variables and php security.

Users Custom PHP.INI for FPM

If one of your Cpanel user need an additional php.ini settings, now you can configure it from WHM -> Cpnginx -> Module Custom user PHP.INI settings . This give the flexibility of controlling php.ini variables per user

App templates

Now your clients can simply chose app specific nginx template flle like wordpres, joomla, etc,.

Vhost template file

Cpnginx using template system for vhosts. So you can customise the nginx as you wish.

Nginx ssl support with http2

Serve your websites with nginx ssl and fully automated.

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