NovoServe | Reseller Program. Discounts Up To 35%. The Program To Beat The Competition

“If you’re interested in reselling compelling hosting solutions or bringing highly competitive hosting offerings to the global market in record time, our Reseller Partner Program is the place for you!” – Roy Premchand, CCO at NovoServe.

Our Reseller Partner Program provides you with competitive discounts that lead to higher margins and a larger market share.

As a cloud service provider, managed service provider, or streaming service provider, you build your technology or platform solutions using our dedicated ‘bare metal’ servers. Or, as an ISP, you offer these servers dedicated to the end-user.

You may be a niche reseller in a specialized industry or market or an established value-added reseller. Either way, this simple revenue-based program gives you access to the benefits you need to begin building and offering your IT solutions to your clients. “The partner program for the professionals.”

We offer a simple, easy and profitable tiered discount program ranging up to 35 percent based on monthly recurring revenue generated. Our team of IaaS experts can inform you about the program details, features, tier volume levels, and their associated discounts.

Proceed here to learn more about NovoServe’s Reseller Partner Program, or contact our Sales Team for any questions or to apply to our Reseller Partner Program.

Proceed here to read the customer success story with one of our resellers: JetServer. A fast-growing hosting company operating more than 100k website infrastructures, including platforms such as Magento and other resource-intensive applications.


NovoServe is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider. We are here to serve your business requirements, and IT needs in the best possible way.

We have witnessed the development of technology worldwide. We imagined using our collective decades of skills and experience to develop the internet as a service further, making it available and affordable to everyone.

Our mission is to empower you with the best innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions while keeping it sustainable for many decades to come by providing these services with the lowest ecological footprint possible.


Founded in 2014, NovoServe is an entrepreneurial and tech-oriented organization. We are here to offer you high-performing, scalable dedicated bare metal servers on a secure and resilient platform. As a fast-growing company, we already have over 7,000 physical servers under management.

Our robust network is built on enterprise-grade infrastructure to deliver high uptime with superior performance, reliability, scalability, and security to unlock your technological and business potential. Its intelligent architecture provides for flexible and highly redundant international network paths. The massive network capacity – currently over 8 Tb/s – ensures and guarantees sufficient bandwidth to handle any sudden spike in traffic, therefore providing you with network SLA guarantees and a high uptime track record.

Proceed here to test our network or here to speed test it.

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Data Center: Fokkerweg 300, 1438 AN, Oude Meer, the Netherlands (NorthC Datacenters)

Data Center: 3003 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, NJ, USA (Iron Mountain)

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