Promoting Your Small Business – Using Craigslist to Advertise Your Business

I’ve been using craigslist to market my virtual assistant business for a while now.

Promoting your business on Craigslist can be a tedious process sometimes. Lots of ads seem to struggle as entrepreneurs try to survive amongst the bigger businesses that are usually hard to compete with. There are many things that the small business owners can do to create a quality Craigslist posting that will make their ad stand out.

1.) Create an ad that has a simple headline that draws the Craigslist browser in. Use keywords that your customers will search for.

2.) Include an IMAGE in your ad. Your Craigslist posting will stand out if you use pictures. Images will make your ad look much different than the monotonous craigslist ads that are primarily text.

3.) Post every day, or every other day. Advertising on Craigslist can be extremely competitive.

4.) If you want to collect people’s email addresses for your list, post a link to your autoresponder in the ad. If you want to build a list, make it so that the only way they can contact you is by the website.

5.) Create a craigslist account if you want your postings to be easier to manage. This technique is often overlooked by many posters.

6.) Make sure that your ad is appropriate and that it falls in the right section of Craigslist. Otherwise it may be flagged by the people of Craigslist.

7.) Consider outsourcing your craigslist advertising. There are people that would be delighted to manage your craigslist campaign for a fee. I know this is supposed to be a free method of advertising, but you will save time if you outsource this project.

Advertising on craigslist can be a very effective way to promote your small business. Whether you outsource the project or do it yourself, if you use these tips, you will be well on your way to having a successful small business.

Source by DeAnna Troupe

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