Publishing an Ezine – Why Bother?

Here are the Top 5 reasons that I suggest you publish an ezine:

1. Staying in touch with your clients and prospective clients shows them you care about cultivating a relationship with them and that you have their interests at heart.

2. An ezine is a simple and straightforward way to systematically deliver free and valuable information to your clients and prospective clients.

3. A well-written ezine increases your credibility as a career expert.

4. A consistently delivered ezine demonstrates your professionalism.

5. An ezine is a low-pressure way to remind your clients and prospective clients that you’re there to serve them when they need you.

Think about your business for a minute. What’s stopping you from publishing your own ezine?

– You don’t think you have enough time to put it together. An ezine doesn’t have to have different sections or a full-length article. It can be as simple as a tip of the week.

– You don’t know what you would write about or you’re not confident in your writing skills. Consider working with a professional editor or ghostwriter who can take your thoughts and ideas and put them into words for you (I recommend Linda Dessau of

– You’re not technically savvy and you don’t know how you would manage an email list or deliver your ezine. Hand this project over to a virtual assistant (VA) who is familiar with email broadcasting / list management services such as AWeber, ConstantContact, or 1ShoppingCart. To find a VA, contact the International Virtual Assistants Association at

Source by Maria Hebda

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