Restore files for a cpanel account from entire /home backup

Hi guys, i have this situation

The HD in one of my cpanel servers have failed.

I managed to backup the entire /home directory and the entire /var/lib/mysql before the hard drive died.

I would have liked to be able to make a cpmove type backup, but it was not possible since the system entered read only mode 30 minutes or an hour after being restarted and all the services died, apache, mysql, cpanel and this made it impossible be able to finish making the cpmove file.

Having something is better than having nothing.

They already did OS reload with a new hard drive to that server, I already configured domain, hostname and nameservers, I already recreated the affected accounts

ask me is:

How do I restore the content of the 2 accounts that I have in /backup/home

To the /home of the server?

Please tell me what steps should I do to restore them?

Is it possible to restore the /var/lib/mysql directory?

Thanks in advance

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