Review – Hivelocity – My experience

Hello everyone,

I am here “wasting” my time because I know how tough it is to own a hosting company and how a great support is a rare thing these days.

I felt obliged to leave this review for Hivelocity because since I started my company in March this year I had to deal with dozens of other companies, including hosting providers, payment services providers and others…

And sadly I’ve had a bad experience with ALL of them except for one: Hivelocity!

Every single time I needed their help not only did I get my problem solved but also (what’s even more rare) I was treated with kindness and never felt like I was talking to a robot or a human being that is just able to copy and paste links.

So far so great: I still haven’t experienced any downtime, pricing is great and their support is out of this world.

I recommend their services with my eyes closed.

I know this might look too compliment to be true for the suspicious mind, but I stand by every single word I’ve written.
If you had had such a great experience among such horrible ones, you would understand me.

Long story short, if you like fair pricing, stable service and amazing support… Hivelocity is the way.

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