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Hi Guys, I hope this is the correct section of the forum for this.

I need to sell digital products that are very large. They basically ZIP files containing large high quality media files and each download could be as large 250GB each (single file or split into multiple parts). I could need several TB storage in total and a way for people to download them

I would like to use woocommerce as I know it fairly well although I can’t find a way of making that work without running a dedicated server containing huge HD’s which I’m reluctant to do for budgetary reasons and I would like to avoid that level of complication at this point in time

I’m wondering if theres cheap file storage (something like like I could use in conjunction with woocommerce on a shared account or if theres a way to use one-off torrents for file distribution? I wouldn’t be opposed to manually creating download links for now

I’m trying to think outside the box.

Any ideas?

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