SEO Tips to Get Cheap Leads for Your MLM Business

What is SEO and how can it help you get cheap leads of your networking business? Basically, SEO or search engine optimization is a way for people to easily find your website and therefore become prospective customers of yours. Here are 3 tips that you can use to fully exploit the power of SEO:

Tip No.1 – Make your own website.

You need to have total control of all the content in your website, something that is impossible with the website provided by your company. With your own website you can add content, change configurations, and even monitor what’s happening in it.

Tip No.2 – Know the right keywords to use.

When people search through the internet they type in keywords related to their queries in the search engines, right? If you know what the most used keywords are then you can incorporate them in your website, thus making your website come up when people search for a particular product or service.

To find out what keywords are applicable to your product line, you need to utilize a keyword generating tool, like the one that Google has, to find out what words people are most likely to use when searching. Then put them in your website’s content.

Tip No.3 – Don’t use keywords that are used by a lot of other websites.

You need to know more advanced SEO techniques if you want to be competitive. Even when you want to use keywords that are super popular, you need to know how to increase your site’s ranking so that your site comes up first in the results page of search engines. But since you’re new to all of these you should start with simpler, less competitive keywords.

Source by Jikly Batista

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