Submarine cable outage affected Pakistan internet users

The SeaMeWe-5 submarine cable system which extends from Singapore to Western Europe via the Middle East experienced an outage on a segment of the system that runs through the Suez Canal near Egypt a few weeks ago, according to Foundations.

Dawn reported that a large number of internet users, mainly in Karachi, faced outages earlier this month as the submarine cable system SEAMEWE-5, extending from Singapore to France and Italy, was damaged.

The disruption had occurred in the cable network of Transworld Associates, one of the three submarine cable operators in Pakistan. A Transworld official said the cable was largely undersea, but a patch of around 480km was on land in Egypt to avoid disturbance due to the movement of ships in the Suez Canal.

It apparently caused disruptions in other countries as well and Foundations shared a link to SeaMeWe-5 on Submarine Cable Map.

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