Things You Need to Know Before Availing the Best Website Design

Designing a business website design can be tricky as it requires some professional skills. What are these skills? Can you do it yourself? Even if you can, should you do it yourself? These are a few questions that you need to ask yourself before designing a website. In this article, we will talk about a few things that must be taken into consideration while planning, designing and building your site.

Logo of the Site

While designing a logo, make sure that you have a good and impressive logo. The logo provides an identity to the brand and this is what makes people to remember you. The logo stands on top of your site, so naturally this is the first thing that people see. A logo is very important since it can say a lot about you.


Text plays an important role in every website. The text on each page of your website needs to be relevant and should be a minimum of 250 words, with keywords about your product or service properly stuffed in it. If possible, get the copy written by a professional who knows how to prepare a write up for the web.

Images, Meta tags and Descriptions

After logo and text, come the images. Images are also equally important, as good quality shots can say a thousand words about your products and services. If you put bad pictures on your web page, it can bring down the look of it. Remember not to overload your site with pictures. It is important for each page to have its own page title, meta-keywords and meta-descriptions. This is because they play a vital role in building your website.

CSS Usage

Try to use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in your web pages as it works better for most search engines and allows you to make changes such as colour, text, font sizes and font style easily. Besides this, the H1- H6 tags should be used in order to highlight the main title on the page of your text. Bold text should be used for highlighting keywords in the paragraphs as well. However, remember not to overdo this. It is also beneficial if you can use text navigation. This is because it allows the search engines to index your website properly.

If it is not easy to find what chances you have to promote your goods and services, make sure it is easy for an end user to purchase your products and services. Having links from your pages to other internal pages is also a great option. This is because it makes it easier for a user to find various things on your site. You shouldn’t overdo this as well. You can also build a site map, as it makes it easier for various search engines to index. You can upload an XML site to the Google web master tools which is advantageous in indexing each and every page on your website. Use these tips to build an efficient and well-designed site.

Source by Michel Bolingger

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