TMS Sale! High Performance Core i9 Discounted! i9 11900K & 12900K w/DDR5 in stock!

Here are just a few reasons why you should try Tailor Made Servers today!

Low Monthly Prices: We offer some of the lowest prices in the industry, especially for a premium provider. Not only that, we offer one-time payment options for many upgrades so that your monthly costs stay low!

Experience: We’ve been around longer than most (almost 20 years now!). You’ll have a hard time finding many dedicated providers that started before we did. What’s more, we pride on having satisfied customers and focusing on improving our service throughout our history.

Premium Hardware: Our servers, hard drives, SSD, Memory are all premium quality. This translates into reliable service that you can always count on.

Premium Network: We use Internap as the main carrier which in itself is comprised of an optimized mix of dozens of other carriers. You’ll have great connectivity from Dallas, the heart of the US backbone.

DDoS Protection: Forget about null routes. Our entire network is protected from DDoS which means it is included on all of our servers.

Great Prices: Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry. For our quality of service, there’s no beating our prices.

Personable Service: Tired of not knowing feeling like you’re “just a number” at your provider? With TMS, you can even chat with JoseQ on Skype if you need assistance. He loves getting to know our customers.

NEW We now also accept crypto payments. Contact me on Skype or e-mail about how to do this!

Check out any of our fully customizable server configs below. You won’t regret it.

Brand New and with DDR5 RAM! (only 1 left!)

CPU: Core i9 12900K

Mem: 32GB DDR5


BW: 24 TB

From: $179 – $161/mo.

10% Discount on This Config

Excellent AMD Systems!

CPU: Ryzen 5800X

Mem: 64GB DDR4 RAM



BW: 23 TB

From: $133/mo.

Top performing Core i9 systems!

CPU: Core i9 11900K (Bulk Discounts available!)

Mem: 32GB DDR4 RAM


BW: 20 TB

From: $104/mo.

CPU: Core i9 10900K

Mem: 64GB DDR4 RAM


BW: 21 TB

From: $119/mo.

We are very much a well established and premium provider that puts customer satisfaction at the top of our list. Ask around or search for our reviews and you will see why we have steadily made our customers extremely happy! Don’t waste any time and try one of our servers out.

There are literally tens of thousands of possible configurations right here. Have fun with our order system and configure the server just the way you want it. If you don’t see something you want, just ask! Here are just a couple of samples:

Network Performance

Our network consists of 10G links to InterNAP & Level3. These are multi-homed by InterNap’s FCP hardware, which ensures that the route your data takes, is absolutely the best performing route possible. And it does this in real-time! It’s simply the best way to multi-home there is.

DDoS Protection

Our entire network is cloud protected via Voxility.

Test IP:

Test Download:



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