Virtual Assistants: Use Virtual Assistants To Blow Away Your Competition

Cost Savings!

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are the secret weapon that can help your business to explode with new profits. I say Virtual Assistants are a secret weapon, because despite their amazing advantages… Very few small businesses use them currently. This gives you a powerful advantage if you are using Virtual Assistants, because at the prices you are getting your labor, they just can’t compete! How can they beat you when you have Virtual Assistants working for 30 cents on the dollar compared to what they are paying. Virtual Assistants represent a HUGE cost savings to any business that can make use of them!

Websites and Ecommerce!

If you are selling products or services online (ecommerce), Virtual Assistants are the way to go! They are great at filling orders, creating web pages, posting articles, doing social media, etc. Your Virtual Assistant can do it all for you and may even have many skills you don’t. Many people hire Assistants (VAs) to design, build and handle this part of the business, because they know little or nothing about it. Other people hire VAs to handle their online business that are going well, so that the business owner can use their creative and marketing genius to create the next online stream of business.

Even if you just want to have an online presence to support your offline business… a good Assistant can handle it all for you. Many businesses like to have an online presence for two main reasons: 1) More people search online now to find businesses (65%), than search offline (yellow pages)(36% and dropping). What a HUGE advantage to be online… and yet only 52% of business even have a website! Take advantage of your competitions laziness! 2) Few people will take you seriously in this day and age if they cannot find you online. Why should they? You seem like a dinosaur if you are not online, and less professional than your competition which is. Why should they use someone like that?

Let a Virtual Assistant handle projects and scheduling for you!

I don’t handle ANY scheduling myself… I have my Assistant to do it! Why should I be doing work I can get done for $8.00 an hour when I am worth $150 an hour or more! That would be insane! But many business owners are still doing this! They were raised to think that they should do everything… and they can’ t get out of the habit! Gerber talks about this a lot in his book “The E-Myth.” He states that the way to grow your business is to get out of the day-to-day grind of daily business tasks, and start to focus on sales and growing the business. I have seen people go out and find one contact, business partner or business deal and increase sales 25%, 50%, 100%, 200% and even 500%! All in t matter of a few weeks to a few months… all because they have a Virtual Assistant giving them more free time to pursue these deals and sales. Gerber says, if you aren’t worth more than the $8 per hour it would cost for a great Virtual Assistant… Get out of the business now! You should be making $75.00 or more per hour… or why are you in business? Gerber says that trying to do it all yourself, doing low level work (better handled by VAs) instead of high-level work, is why most businesses go under (almost 20% a year!). One of the first things any good business consultant will tell you is to hire a Virtual Assistant to free yourself up so you can get out there and start growing your business ASAP!

Virtual Assistants are GREAT at Research!

Imagine if you could simply ask and any question you asked would be answered in just a few minutes to a few hours… complete with valuable research, articles and resources. How valuable would that be to your company? How much money could that make you? How much money could that save you? How many hundreds of hours of your time would that save you? And all you have to do is ASK! Having a good Assistant who does research is like having a business genie at your disposal! Having the right information can literally transform your business… knowledge really is power! Get yourself a Virtual Assistant today!

Source by Paul Cline

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