WebNX DEALS★360TB HDD $399★EPYC 7443P $299★512G RAM & 32TB NVME $399★EPYC7773X & 7763’s 🔥

Threadripper PRO 5975WX & 5995WX inbound to Ogden, grab one while you can! Words fastest single cpu setup.

This week’s Amazing NYC Offerings:

Another pallet of servers will be in route to NYC soon, if you have a unique need there, let us know and we can quote it and add it to our shipment

Newest gen Dual EPYC 7713 128 core 256 thread, 512G ram, 4x 3.2TB NVMe & 2x 18TB HDD 10G port 100TB BW $759

Utah Intel 12th Gen:

Newest generation Intel, on IPMI server boards with DDR5 memory!

Intel i7-12700k 12 core upto 5Ghz 64GB DDR5 memory, 1x 960GB PCI-E 4.0 enterprise NVMe $159

Intel i9-12900k 16 core upto 5.2Ghz 128GB DDR5 memory, 1x 1.92TB PCI-E 4.0 enterprise NVMe $199

One off unique deals in Utah:

512G DDR4 RAM 32TB NVMe 44/88 Core monster – Intel Dual 2696v4 512GB RAM, 10x 3.2TB NVMe 100TB w/ 10G port $399

Intel Quad CPU E7-8890 v4, 96 core 192 thread, 512G DDR4, 4x 3.84TB SSD w/ high end HW RAID $499 (1TB / 2TB 3TB ram in stock!)

Intel super computer, 8x CPU Intel Xeon Platinum 8168 192x real cores 384 threads! 6TB of memory(Yes 6,144GB of RAM!), 2x 7.68TB NVMe & 10x 3.84tb SSD =53TB of fast storage! 100TB over 10G $1,999

Killer AMD EPYC Deals:

AMD’s BEST Dual EPYC 7773X, 128C 256T, tons of cache(3D V-Cache), 4x 7.68TB NVMe, 1024GB / 1TB RAM $1299

AMD NEW GENERATRON EPYC 7763 beast 128c/256t 512G RAM, 2x 7.68TB NVMe $875 ** Top server on passmark multi CPU List 117,296!

AMD Dual EPYC 7742 128c/256t 256G RAM, 2x 4TB NVMe WOW price of $549 (in the top ten on passmark, just shy of 100k!)

AMD single EPYC 7443P 24c/48t high clock newest generation, 128G RAM, 1x 1.92TB PCI-E 4.0 NVMe WOW price of $299 great mix of cores and high clock

**all of these have major upgrade options, from a dozen or more 15TB NVMe drives to 3TB RAM, we can build anything your heart desires!

Storage Servers (WOW DEALS):

48TB HDD – Intel E5-2630Lv2 6 core, 32G RAM, 120G boot SSD 12x4TB SAS HDDs JBOD or hardware RAID(1G Cache and BBU) $109

360TB HDD – Intel Dual Xeon 2640v3, 128G RAM, 480G Boot SSD, 36X10TB Enterprise HDD 100TB outbound over 1G $399

1080TB(1 petabyte) HDD Dual Intel Gold 6134, 256G DDR4 RAM, 1.92TB NVMe & 2x 1TB SSD w/ 60x18TB SAS3 HDDs JBOD 300TB (outbound) over 10G $1450 (limited stock)

Need more space, more IOPS? Let us know as we have configs in stock with over 90 drives!


AMD Ryzen 3900X, High clock 12 core, 64G RAM, 960G PCI-E 4.0 NVME, Nvidia 3070 8G vRAM GPU $159

*** Other options like high end EPYCs (single and dual cpu) multi 3090, lots of storage and more, email sales@webnx.com your needs

Upgrades in stock:

NVMe drives – 960G, 1.2TB, 3.2TB, 3.84TB, 7.6TB, 15TB

HDD’s 1TB-20TB

Optane, 40/100G private networks, GPUs & other accelerator cards, etc.

Plenty of ram to upgrade all boxes to MAX (some servers all the way to 6TB Ram!)

Different cpus not listed, eg AMD Ryzen 5900x, or Intel Xeon 2680v4 (for the 2640v3 builds)

*** Pretty much all of our servers can be upgraded to take 24+ drives, larger NVMe, Intel Optane, Nvidia GPU, 100G nics and so on, email us your custom needs!

More Clearance Servers are listed at https://webnx.com/dedicated-servers/clearance-servers/

As you are on WHT, you know there are many other providers to choose from, so why pick WebNX? The things that set us apart are:

1. Our Datacenters: In LA we have many cages within Equinix LA3 with our own 24/7 staff onsite. This is a premium datacenter, not some of the smaller LA based setups with a single or 2 UPS’s. There are dozens of UPS’s, another dozen large generators as well as completely redundant cooling systems, we provide a 100% uptime SLA for power and cooling for this exact reason.

2. Our Network: few providers have nearly as many tier 1 providers in their network mix, we don’t cheap out and pick one or two budget providers. We also have a Noction Route optimizer set 100% in performance mode which constantly checks and moves routes to the best provider / fixes packet loss routes. We also welcome client suggestions and can adjust client routes as needed.

3. Our hardware offerings: Few providers offer anywhere near what we have in stock, from pretty much any type of CPU (not just one or two of the base single and dual cpu offerings), to High memory options, to crazy large hard drive offerings (need 100+ HDDs? No problem!), and unique network options from 100Gbps, 40Gbps, 2x 10Gbps to Infiniband offerings, easy to make amazing clouds on our hardware!

4. Our stability and staff: We have been around a long time, over 15 years on WHT and we have 30 full time employees. We are not a fly by night operation, kiddie host, or reseller. We have direct leases with the building and own / run everything. I urge you to check our reviews on WHT, you will find some that offer up >6 years of time with us.

cPanel 100 account license $40

Direct admin free on servers of $120+ or $10 a month

Windows Licenses are per real core not HT core:

Windows 2008/2012/2016 STD – $6.5 per 2x cores (only real cores count)

Windows 2012/2016 Dc Ed – $29 per 2x cores (only real cores count)

Anything legal in the USA and California is OK.

Including legal adult content and proxy servers!

With the exception of no IRC allowed.

Los Angeles network: https://webnx.com/company/networks/l…fornia-network

Premium Cisco powered network, base network is built on six high end Cisco ASR 9000’s Noction BGP route optimizer

1 x 10Gbps – Level3

1 x 10Gbps – Comcast

1 x 100Gbps – NTT

1 x 100Gbps – TATA

1 x 10Gbps – Sparkle

1 x 100Gbps – Telia

2 x 10Gbps – PCCW Global

2 x 10Gbps – GTT

1 x 10Gbps – China Unicom

2 x 10Gbps – Any2 Peering Fabric

2 x 10Gbps – Equinix Peering

1 x 10Gbps – Direct Google Peering

2 x 10Gbps – Hurricane Electric

1 x 100Gbps – Cogent (mainly peering / only for optimized routes)

(more providers will be added in the coming months as well as more 100G ports!)

Looking glass – https://lax-lg.webnx.com/

Ping tests to WebNX.com

1G test file – http://mirrors.webnx.com/1gb.bin

10G test file http://mirrors-lax.webnx.com/test/10gb.bin

You can also test us on speedtest.net – http://webnx.speedtest.net

If you have any issues, need different routes, etc please let us know as we strive for the best network possible.

The Ogden, Utah network consists of top of the line cisco ASR 9010 routers, route optimization by Noction IRP and these providers:

1 x 10Gbps – Level3 Communications

1 x 100Gbps – Telia

1 x 10Gbps – GTT

2 x 100Gbps – Cogent

1 x 100Gbps – HE.net / Hurricane electric

2 x 10Gbps – Links back to our super connected Los Angeles network (different paths / providers)

Speed tests:

10G test file http://mirrors-ogd.webnx.com/test/10gb.bin

Speedtest.net server – http://zx4.speedtest.net

The NYC network consists of top of the line cisco ASR 9010 routers, route optimization by Noction IRP and these providers:

1x 10Gbps – NYI network

1 x 100Gbps – NTT Communications

1 x 100Gbps – TATA Communications (install pending)

1 x 100Gbps – Telia

1 x 100Gbps – NYIIX (install pending)

Peering and possible p2p links to our Utah and LA network are in the works, along with more providers. NYC network will be growing quickly so let us know if you have a unique need there.

Speed tests:


ping test:

Looking glass – https://nyc-lg.webnx.com/

We will announce your IP’s free of charge (with at least $199 a month in services), bgp sessions and other services are also offered.

If you have other needs, please let us know as we strive for the best network possible.

Visit our Website for more info – https://WebNX.com

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