What Services Do You Offer As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

As the real estate market changes, so do the responsibilities of a real estate virtual assistant.

If you have been offering your services to real estate professionals for some time now you might notice that when the market is busy, you are busy coordinating listings, leads, handling the transaction to ensure a successful closing. This might lead to not enough time to maintain the real estate professionals daily tasks or special projects.

When the real estate market is slow you might find yourself with a little more time on your hands. This is a great time to accomplish those long-term goals your clients might have had on the back burner.

Here is a list of some of the projects you can update or begin for your client to get them ready so when the real estate market turns around they are ready and they have the exposure to get the listings or the buyers.

1. Update their pre-listing package

2. Update their listing presentation

3. Update the content, photos, resume, and keywords/meta tags on their website

4. Review designations that might be of a benefit to them. There are news one coming out and you should be aware of them.

5. Organize and update their contact management program

6. Organize their computer files – You will need a program to access their computer. Something like LogMeIn.com or GoToMyPC.com are good ones.

7. Review and update their buyer and seller campaigns.

8. Create a blog & Submit to various blog directories.

9. Update their newsletter with new photos, new designations, market stats, etc.

10. Review programs that might prove to be a tremendous benefit to the real estate professional.

11. Set up their profile on social networking sites.

12. Review the direct marketing program.

13. Create templates for flyers, postcards, etc.

14. Update their testimonials. If they don’t have any request them from past clients.

15. Explore other areas of their business to create a powerful marketing campaign for the local market as well as for the Internet.

As you can see there are a variety of ways that the real estate professional can use your services in a slow market. And, it is important to know how to do any of the services you offer or requested to perform.

Source by Kim Hughes

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