WHMCS integration with Divi theme/ wordpress website?

WHMCS integration with Divi theme/ wordpress website?

I have built a website (not yet live) with Divi theme and am looking to integrate WHMCS with it.

Elsewhere someone suggested I change theme to ‘Divi Breeze’ but I’m unsure if that is current/maintained?

The last update was Oct 29, 2021 which seems a long time ago in the tech world….

Also I was hoping to avoid paying for another theme (if possible) and don’t want to have to rebuild the website from scratch.

The hosting (as a reseller) is just one service I am providing.

I have just installed WHMCS on a separate cpanel account (but as a subdomain url eg whmcs.mybusinesswebsite.com)

Basically I’d like to have the WHMCS as a page within my existing divi theme website not a separate site per se.

Does that make sense? God I hope so.

Advice welcome

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