Wholesale Internet (WII) Dedicated Servers


Recently a need for a dedicated server arose and I turned to WHT to see what the current deals/reviews were.

I was quite surprised to see WII’s promoted forum sticky advertising dedicated servers SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than the other promoted vendors.

What is the deal with how they can offer such low month-to-month pricing? Even before bidenflation, I’d expect to pay significantly more than $9/month for a VPS and they’re offering low-end dedis at that price??

Has anyone used their services recently? Complaints/compliments?

Skimming their TOS, one weird thing that stuck out to me was their claim that the customer agrees to be held responsible for all activities occurring on their account, regardless of whether the customer caused the activity in question. Way too many things being hacked on a daily basis for me to ever agree to that. If anything illegal ever occurred on my account, I’d be insisting legal authorities investigate fully to determine what happened/I wouldn’t be agreeable to taking the fall for any unlawful activity that I did not commit.

Looking for any feedback related to the pricing and this type of clause in the TOS.


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