will registrar or host give ID to lawyer without a court order? for a defamation case

I run a small webhosting company and a client with a blog posted an article about someone, let’s call him Mr X. I reviewed the article and there are no threats, doxxing or anything illegal. But in the comments section there are a few insults directed towards Mr X but nothing too extreme.

So Mr X hired a lawyer to sue my company for defamation and claim damages if the article don’t get taken down. My client refused to take it down and doubled down posting another article mentioning the lawsuit threats. I didn’t want to force him to delete the article as I believe in free speech. I don’t see anything wrong with the article even though I understand why Mr X feels irritated, but it honestly looks like a big drama for no reason.

My question is: if the lawyer contact my registrar or datacenter saying they need my ID for a lawsuit, will they get my name & home address without a court order?

If Mr X wants to bring this case to the courts, the first step is he needs my identity, right? So what will the datacenter do? Maybe they don’t take the time to read all the comments on the blog and think Mr X got a serious case because he paid a lawyer to send a fancy letter with a lawyer stamp on it…

I am 100% sure his lawsuit would fail but I have strong reason to believe that Mr X is a very obsessive and toxic individual, potentially mentally unstable. So I don’t want him to go after my family or get harassed continuously by Mr *******.

Datacenter is in EU

Mr X is in EU

Registrar is in US

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