You’re Searching For Someone and Know Only His Name and Age, What Should You Do?

Let us say that you are searching for someone, and you only know his name and age. You want to know more about that person, but you are on a dead end. Now, what should you do? As you continue to read this article, I will mention to you, the different methods to find that person, with or without money.

Before we begin, I should point out to you that not all of these methods are effective to you. At times, I might prefer step 3 than step 1, but in your case, it’s the other way around. It is similar in losing weight. Others find it effective by doing exercise, while others prefer diet. Just make sure that you choose something, which is convenient to you.

Approach Number 1: Social networking websites.

Facebook, Multiply, Friendster. These three websites really fit the description about social networking websites. In here, you will just type the person’s name and in a snap, you will be given with all the search results, which are related to the name you wrote.

Why can they effectively find a person? It is because that they have millions of user accounts on the Internet. Facebook, which is the largest social networking website on the world, has more than half a million of user profiles. In addition, they have games, which might be efficient stress relievers.

Approach Number 2: People search websites.

If you do not have the money, then try these websites. Zaba Search, Wink and TinEye are good examples about these websites. They work in a very similar manner to that of social networking websites. However, there are websites, which limit themselves to search in the United States only. If you want an International people search, this is not for you.

Approach Number 3: Background check services.

When you have some money to spend, then go for background check services. Unlike those two, which I had mentioned to you earlier, this service will give you advanced information about a person. This will include his social security number, academic transcripts and even previous employment records.

Because of this service, it is no longer doubted that background investigation reports provide you with complete and powerful information about a person. That is why several companies in the United States go for background check services.

Source by Darren Welder

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